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如果白河漂流是您进行户外探险的想法,您可能会担心手头有防水技术。使用Kestrel风速计,您不需要三思而后行。这是因为仪表防水3'/ 1米30分钟,它也漂浮。您可以在手掌中享受风和天气跟踪,而无需担心水的损坏。

德纳利被称为地球上最寒冷的地方之一。它以其最初被称为麦金利山(Mount McKinley)的山脉而闻名。 Denali位于阿拉斯加,占地600多万英亩,为徒步旅行者提供了苔原,雪山和针叶林的最佳景观。
Denali的天气很难预测。游客被告知在同一天期待阳光,风,雨,云和雪。 Kestrel风速计可以跟踪风速,温度和其他重要天气因素 - 让您深入了解可能影响下一次冒险的即将到来的天气。

如果您选择在该国阳光充足的地区进行户外探险,请放心,自然光线不会让您难以阅读屏幕。这款风速计具有高对比度的屏幕,您可以在阳光下阅读 - 即使您正在骑马游览大峡谷。在夜间冒险中,该设备的屏幕背光,便于监控。

选择Kestrel 5500手持式气象站和风速仪进行终极冒险
kestrel风速仪几乎可以处理地球上任何气候和户外探险。 考虑这个设备和Kestrel的其他设备,可以实现极其准确的风和天气跟踪。




4 Ways the Kestrel Wind Meter Enhances Outdoor Adventure
Whether you consider yourself a thrill-seeker or an outdoor sports extremist, the Kestrel wind meter can take outdoor adventure to a new level. From fly fishing to parasailing, wind can play a significant role in outdoor activities.

This is how the Kestrel wind meter and other environmental products can help you enjoy your time outdoors while conquering your adventure goals:

1. Measuring Wind Speed for Paragliding
Paragliding is the sport of using a lightweight glider aircraft that lifts you into the air by way of wind. Many people go paragliding by running on a hillside or mountain and inflating it over your head like a kite. It’s a popular sport especially in Rio de Janeiro, but it’s enjoyed all over the world.

Wind speed can factor the success of your paragliding plans. In fact, too much wind can make it difficult to launch a paraglider.Once you find your ideal wind speed, a wind meter can let you know when the conditions are just right to enjoy a birds-eye-view of the world around you.

2. Enjoy White River Rafting without Ruining Your Meter
If white river rafting is your idea of an outdoor adventure, you likely worry about having waterproof technology on hand. With the Kestrel wind meter, you won’t need to think twice about getting this product wet.
This is because the meter is waterproof to 3’/1 meter for 30 minutes and it also floats. You’ll enjoy wind and weather tracking in the palm of your hand without the worry of water damage.

3. Tracking Wind and Weather in Variable Climates
Denali is dubbed as one of the coldest places on Earth. It’s famous for its mountain range which was originally known as Mount McKinley. Located in Alaska, Denali spans over six million acres of wild land that offer hikers the best views of tundra, snowy mountains, and the taiga forest.
The weather in Denali can be difficult to predict. Visitors are told to expect sun, wind, rain, clouds, and snow all in the same day. The Kestrel wind meter can track wind speed, temperature, and other important weather elements - giving you an insight into upcoming weather that might affect your next adventure.

4. Easy to Read in Bright Sunlight
If you choose outdoor adventure in a sunnier area of the country, rest assured that natural light won’t make it difficult to read the screen. This wind meter features a high contrast screen that you can read right in the sunlight—even if you’re touring the grand canyon on horseback.
During nighttime adventures, the screen of this device is backlit for easy monitoring.

Choose Kestrel 5500 Handheld Weather Station and Wind Meter for Ultimate Adventure
The Kestrel wind meter can handle nearly any climate and outdoor adventure on the planet. Consider this device and Kestrel’s other devices for incredibly accurate wind and weather tracking.