LUV-7 led植物生长灯用防护眼镜|温室护目镜



LUV-7 led植物生长灯用防护眼镜是专业为led植物生长室进行眼睛防护的设计的眼镜,能够有效防止紫外线、蓝光、红光对人眼的伤害。

Everyone needs eye protection, so here we provide our reviews of top LED grow glasses when working with powerful grow lights.  Grow room glasses are specialized safety goggles designed for use by serious growers and professionals who work closely with these LED grow lights or other such powerful grow lights on a regular basis. If you are an employer consider buying these for your workers, remember that workplace safety and eye protection is a mandatory standard (OSHA 1910.133.)
UV light is important for the plant’s grow cycle, and the sun provides plenty of UV light for all the plants on earth.  If you are using artificial LED light to grow plants indoors, then you want LED grow lights that produce UV light like outdoors.  This mimics the sun, which produces UV spectrum as regular sunlight to stimulate robust plant growth.
While UV is great for plants, it can be harmful to humans after long-term exposure.  While I’m not a doctor and am not giving medical advice, one only needs common sense to realize that we should protect ourselves from excessive UV exposure, through use of sunscreens and hats, and in this case UV sunglasses.
Just as you would use UV sunglasses outside to protect you from natural UV light, you should also be wearing eye protection to limit your eye’s exposure to UV light when tending your indoor grow den using artificial grow lights.  The industry has several great choices of safety grow room glasses, and here we mention a few of them for your consideration.

LUV-7 LED Grow Sun Glasses for Indoor Room Hydroponic Plants

Size: 5.6x5.9x1.7inch
Material: PC + polycarbonate lenses
Net weight: 140G
Include a glasses case


Color correction - correct red and blue color emitted by LED grow lights.
 Eye protection - reduce eyestrain and alleviate the pain from harsh lighting.
 UV blocking - Blocks UVA&UVB&UVC rays and protects your eyes from infrared wavelengths&red&blue laser lights. 
Meets ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 safety standards.
nine-base, wrap-around lens design provides close-to-the-face protection and superior coverage.
 Green lenses designed for use under HPS, MH and LED lighting systems.

Product Description
•Lightweight design for all-day comfort 
•Adjustable nose piece reduces slippage and provides a personalized, comfortable fit 
•Soft temple tip pads ensure a fit that is both comfortable and secure 
•A nine-base, wrap-around lens design provides close-to-the-face protection and superior coverage 
•Sleek, sporty, frameless unisex design appeals to a broad range of workers 
•Lifetime Frame guarantee 
•Futuristic, low profile design for chemical splash and impact 
•Toric lens provides superior optics and peripheral vision 
•Easiest lens replacement system available

How to choose Grow Room Glasses
When evaluating the best grow room glasses, you’ll want to consider the following key criteria:
UV protection – look for glasses that filter the widest UV spectrum, including UVA, UVB, and UVC bands.
IR protection – some top lenses also filter out the Infra-red spectrum, for added protection.
Light Type – some glasses are designed for use with LED lighting, while others are meant for HPS & MH lighting.
All-day comfort – after all, you want to wear them as much as possible, so make sure they’re comfortable.
Lens quality – everyone hates cheap acrylic glasses that easily warp and distorts your view. Get good lenses.
Impact resistance – these are work safety goggles, so you want to make sure they offer protection.
Anti fog lens – this can be especially useful when working in cold or humid environments like a greenhouse
Shade – you don’t want very dark glasses that will impede your view, Medium normal shading is best.
Color distortion – some of the lens filters produce distorted colors, so you want glasses that minimize the effect.
Good looks – lastly, you don’t want to look like a lab dork wearing geek glasses, do you?

Caring For Your Glasses.
All luyor lenses are best cleaned by blowing all loose dust, dirt and particulates from the lens, and then using warm water and a drop of dish soap. DO NOT use Windex, alcohol or ammonia based glass cleaners! Commercially available glass cleaners made for coated optics or sunglasses are safe to use. We do not recommend using paper towels, paper tissues, or your t-shirt as these may scratch the lens. A mirco-fiber cleaning cloth / pouch was provided with your glasses. This material or something similar is the best materials for cleaning the surface of your lenses. Lastly, don't forget to check and tighten screws regularly.