LUV-4B 手持式电池供电迷你紫外线灯

LUV-4B 手持式电池供电迷你紫外线灯 经济实惠:低廉的价格为您提供最佳的经济效益。多才多艺:无数应用的是你的理想选择。紧凑: 袖珍型单元尺寸仅为6.25 × 2 × 1“(15.9 x 5.1 x 2.5厘米)。手提:重量轻,电池提供4至6小时的使用。使用4节1.5V标准AA型电池(不含)。尼龙腕带提供方便。方便:滑盖设计,实现无工具更换灯管和电池。LED照明:配有LED白光照明,方便暗室操作


LUV-4B 手持式电池供电迷你紫外线灯

  • 经济实惠:低廉的价格为您提供最佳的经济效益。

  • 多才多艺:无数应用的是你的理想选择。

  • 紧凑: 袖珍型单元尺寸仅为6.25 × 2 × 1“(15.9 x 5.1 x 2.5厘米)。

  • 手提:重量轻,电池提供4至6小时的使用。使用4节1.5V标准AA型电池(不含)。尼龙腕带提供方便。

  • 方便:滑盖设计,实现无工具更换灯管和电池。

  • LED照明:配有LED白光照明,方便暗室操作。

LUV-4B 手持式电池供电迷你紫外线灯的技术参数:

波长 为365nm
特点 自过滤,长波管
应用 假币检测,质量控制,矿物学,古董/收藏品检查,重新接纳控制


LUV-4B battery operated, protable,mini uv lamp

  • Affordable  Competitively priced to offer the best value for your money.

  • Versatile  Ideal for countless applications.

  • Compact  Pocket-sized unit measures only 6.25 x 2 x 1" (16.215.9 x 5.5 x 2.5cm).

  • Portable   Conveniently transportable for on-site or field applications. Lightweight, transistorized unit provides 4 to 6 hours of use. Uses four 1.5V standard AA size batteries (not included). Handy nylon wrist strap provided.

  • Convenient  All units feature anti-slip, plastic screw for trouble-free tube changing. Sliding cover ensures easy battery replacement.

UV-4B Specification

Wavelength 365nm
Weight 7 ounces (198g)
Features Self-filtered, long-wave tube
Applications Counterfeit currency detection, quality control, mineralogy, antique/collectible examination, readmission control


This Model LUV-4B Mini UV lamp uses a 4-watt fluorescent tube with a wavelengthof 365nm. It is an excellent lamp for office or quick field inspection. Lamp islightweight and small enough to fit into a pocket. A nylon strap is attached foreasy handling. Operates on four AA batteries. Replacement 6" BLB type LW tubebulb is optionally available.

Applications Include...

The amber-colored pet urine is composed of protein metabolism waste products,with feline diets typically protein richer than dogs. The urine will glow in thedark using a blacklight (longwave UV light). Since the UV light is relativelyweak, it works best to darken the room as much as possible.
Using lower wattage blacklights (4 watt) require being close to the inspectionarea with it as dark as possible.

Forgeries of bank notes, standard checks and travellers' checks are mainlyprinted on inferior bleached paper or photocopied. Forgeries will glow under UVlight and bona fides will be completely dull. Many newer credit cards have aninvisible imprint on the front. American Express uses "AMEX". If no imprint, thecard is a forgery. Alterations of legal documents such as careful erasure or inkeradication and altering paper textures are detectable with UV light.

Authentic U.S. paper currency has embedded stripes which will fluoresce underultraviolet light as follows: $5 glows blue, $10 glows orange, $20 glows green,$50 glows yellow, and $100 glows red. The $1.00 bill has no stripe.

UV Light can react with the chemicals of a mineral specimen and cause it toglow, called fluorescence. Color and intensity of the fluorescence can identiftymany materials. Some minerals and gemstones have brilliant fluorescence underlongwave UV light.

In arson detection, accelerants' fluorescent glow is greater when exposed longerto heat. Their evidence is not always visible as they are absorbed by the firebut UV light can expose them.

Volatile hydrocarbons such as gasoline, grease, paints and others fluoresce whenexposed to UV, and can be seen as fragments of incendiary devices. Ambient lightmust be minimized for use of UV light at a fire scene.

Illegal dumping can be tracked at night using UV light.
UV light is used to detect the presence of trace evidence in forensicinvestigations. Blood, urine, semen and saliva can present visible fluorescence.

UV or black light reveals changes on the surface of objects as it causesspecific fluorescence in materials depending on composition and age. UVfluorescence can show overpainting or retouching and identify types of stains.

One can detect repair in paintings and rugs using UV light, as differences canbe seen between the chemical composition of newer inks, paints, and dyes andthat of the originals.

In high-patronage clubs, amusement parks and swimming pools, applying quickdrying readmission inks can be read easily by UV light. For beverage control, aportable, small UV light can slip in a pocket.


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